Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 1: Faith ~100 Days of Happiness

This is a neat little project that I've obligated myself to do. I haven't updated my blog in over a year, and this is how I have challenged myself to keep it current. 100 days of what happiness means to me; through pictures and words. I hope you will follow along :)

Day 1: Faith

Today I will answer a question that many have asked me about my faith. The answer I came up with is an answer which was inspired by the words of Dr. John Lennox.

Q: If there is a God, then why does He allow suffering, and bad things to happen to good people?


 As a Christian, I believe that death
 is not the end of the story. I believe that we will live 
eternally in one of two places (Heaven or Hell). God 
gives the ultimate justice in the end. There is HOPE! 
No matter what happens there is hope. I think we all
 know that ultimate justice is not present here on Earth.
 There are many people who die for illegitimate reasons. 
People suffer daily for the sake of greed, lust, laziness, 
gluttony, wrath, envy, and pride. Without the hope that
 ultimate justice will be done, what is there? 
This is the kicker, God didn't keep distant while we suffer/ed, He became part of it. He became incarnate. He became a man. He was both God and man in a creation we call Jesus. He suffered the ultimate human price...death. He wanted a human relationship with us that would last for thousands of years. This is incredible!! Our history confirms His existence! God became a human for us, to show that He is not a distant spirit, but right here...with us! Well, what happened next? Jesus was killed, exactly the way He said He would be. Crucifixion was supposed to be the most painful, grueling death to experience. Jesus's followers tried to stop Him, tried to talk Him out of being tried, but He already knew what His plan was. He defied death. His robe was folded after He resurrected from His grave. Do you know the significance of the folded robe? In Hebrew tradition, the servant would know if his master was done eating by the napkin. If the napkin was folded on the plate, the servant knew not to touch the plate because the master was returning. If the napkin was just thrown onto the plate, the servant would know to clear the plate because the master was done. Jesus folded His robes, He wasn't done, He was returning. As 
the Gospels state, Jesus did return. He came to show the world
 that death is not the end. There is ultimate justice. There 
is hope. There is an end to suffering, and God planned it 
that way. People ask me, "What if you are wrong?" "What
 if there is no God?" My answer: I'm happy that I was able to
 live a life serving good. I'm happy that I had the opportunity
 to see good everywhere even through the bad and suffering. I
 was able to be a positive thinker and was able to bank 
on hope. I am happy I learned that materialistic
 and earthly things mean nothing to me, and LOVE 
means everything. I'm happy that if I'm wrong, 
have lost nothing. If I am right, I have gained everything!
That, my friends makes me happy. 
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