Monday, December 30, 2013

Clean and organize my life...

{This happens to be the title to one of my Pintrest boards}

I always look forward to the New Year because yes, I plan to make 'a new.
One of the biggest projects that I have lined up is PURGING PURGING PURGING!!!

My garage is an impossible mess and my house is busting at the seams.
This house eats library books and entire sections vomit their belongs while I'm distracted.
I'm so tired of picking up the same stuff over and over...

It's not working, it's too complicated for the children to comply with the organization of it all.
Most days I feel like I want to take all the baskets and combine them into a giant toy box because I'll find "accessories" mixed in the "figurines" bin or the "cars" will be in the "doll clothes"..nothing stays where it goes, so who cares about labels?
There is this kitchen drawer that jams up every time I open it to use the foil. Really, the foil is the only thing I use in that drawer but all the other stuff is on standby...just in case the need arises...

I'm at the end of my rope!

I know where I need to begin. I need to minimize EVERYTHING! There are too many accessories, figurines, cars, doll clothes, and things in the foil drawer.

...but it is such a big project it's hard to begin...

When I look around there are many things that I love...those will stay.
Everything else will need to prove it's usefulness, if not, GONE!

I have to remind myself that it's difficult for a family of six to keep tidy and organized {especially when Dad and Mom are both full-time students and both work outside the home}

I'm coming up with daily cleaning schedules for everyone in the house, I think this will help a lot.

I also have to remind myself that the youngest member in the house is a  two year old who tends to turn into a tornado if he's given too much freedom to roam....
His chores will include picking up and sorting {I'm sure more chores will come along when the ball starts rolling}

I'm going to test out a lot of those Pintrest ideas and see what works for us!


Do you have a really effective cleaning/organizing system?
Tell me, tell me, please share!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

This is a pretty photo-heavy post, but hey, it's Christmas, it's to be expected right?
The kiddos said that this was their favorite Christmas!
 They feel that way every year...not because of the gifts{we never go crazy with gifting}, but because they feel the great love and joy from us and each other.

We made Kobe go on a scavenger hunt to receive his last gift...everyone thought it was pretty funny!

The children always get to experience the gifting part of Christmas twice, after we do it at home we go to Vince and Mema's house and do it all over again!!

 We wish you a Merry Christmas!

...and a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

T'was The Night Before Christmas...

T'was the night before Christmas with the Zeres, all through the house not a creature is stirring except the 13 year old who can't sleep. 
He keeps asking, "what can I do to get to sleep?"

I remember those Christmas nights as a kid tossing and turning with excitement...

I remember thinking about all the presents awaiting my arrival...

As I've grown I realize that the best gift of all was one I had never opened. 
The gift of Jesus's love for me was always there, unopened. 

That gift has been torn open and gets better every single day!
It's not about religion, this gift,'s about a relationship. 
God bless you all and have a 




The Zeres

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tis' the Season

Tis' the season for LOVE and JOY!
Even though the temperature outside (70 degrees right now) doesn't feel like Christmas, Love knows no season. 
We have really been soaking up the Holiday love around here.
Instead of snow-kissed noses, we have sun-kissed cheeks. Instead of  white-covered hills, we have green-tinted fields. I've come to learn that the Christmas cliche is not at all important to me. The Christmas miracle  that happened 2000 years ago is the most important thing, and without Him, Christmas doesn't exist. 

Where there are no snowflakes, we create them...

My lovely girl had a Christmas concert this past week and I couldn't be more proud of her. Her youth choral has been working so hard every week and they really blew our stockings off! 

They were AMAZING!! Not just because I'm MOM, but because the pieces of music they chose were incredibly challenging. They all put in 100% and it wouldn't have been possible without their directors. The directors put so much faith in these little people and they really knew what they were doing. I'm am wildly impressed!!

My little lovely really enjoyed raising her voice, and that big voice will resonate in many hearts for time to come. 
 I'm so so so proud of you little dear...we love you so!

 You have a heart of gold and you will touch so many people through your journey in life...
Thank you for always being you, and for all that you do!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!

PS.  Trees are not the only things we've been trimming around here. 
It took me a really really long time, but Oscar finally got a fur-cut!
He looks like a totally different dog...ha!

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