Friday, October 14, 2011

What are your weaknesses?

A couple weeks ago I was at a job interview and was asked this very question.
Well I'll-be-darned...shouldn't I just spill the perfectionist cliche all over the table and won't they just lap it all up like hungry little kitties?

Probably not...

I've heard this WAY too many times as the's rather annoying.

*note to the interview-ee:
-don't use "I'm a perfectionist" as a actually sounds really naive.

...anyway I decided since this was a Christian non-profit organization that I was applying to I'd better be telling the truth...nothing but.

This was the BEST interview I've ever been to (as the interviewer or interviewee). I was on fire...I was very confident that I got the job...very...maybe too much because I quit my current job the next day...ha!

So I was supposed to find out on the 12th if I actually got this job and...

today is the 14th...

...I'm still waiting for a call. Sunday is my last day at my current job...oops!

*note to the interview-ee:
-the truth is important, but to much information can hurt (ie: I don't always follow through, I'm a sensitive person, I never put the keys in the same spot, et cetera). 
Mmmmhmmm I could have left some of those details out. Well, I left knowing that I was honest and I am sure they were grateful for that. I would be.

Everything happens for a reason...

I look at it this way, I'll be getting an unexpected vaca till something else comes along.

More time to enjoy my family and Autumn...

I think knowing my weaknesses has become one of my strengths.

I am so blessed...

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