Sunday, June 22, 2014

A blog post potpourri from Mademoiselle Absentee...

I feel like I've been absent lately. Not from my duties as a mother, wife or home keeper, but from the rest of the world. I just can't quite find a way to fit in. Everyone seems to be whirling by in every which way...

...and me....

...I'm merely dreaming...

I've been sleeping in, and then lingering in bed to read. I've been keeping things tidy and spending a lengthy amount of time on preparing meals and putzing around in the garden. 

The children and I have been frequenting the lonesome play parks...the ones where we are usually the only ones or have very few others showing up.

I'm not purposely avoiding the rest of the world, just subconsciously on a social sabbatical.

The summer is here, and we are leading our merry lives at our own pace. 
When we slow down or stop to notice things, we find ourselves in the midst of pure beauty...

(Photo Credit: M. Zere)

When I am not distracted by busy schedules or time-gulping, electronic apparatuses, I am always present to witness the "Mommy Look" moments that I so adore.  

This year will end a bit differently from the last, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. 
{K} will be going to (public school) high school this year. 
I really really really have enjoyed watching this boy grow into such a beautiful young man over the last few years and I'm selfishly not wanting to let him go. 

He has accomplished so many things and overcome so many obstacles. As much as I can't bare the thought of him being away for more of the day than not, I'm excited for him. He has so many great adventures ahead and so many opportunities to engage in. He is a mighty mighty basketball player and I'm interested to see what he does with that skill. 

Being a homeschooler has allowed him the freedom to really immerse himself in activities of his interest. He has become a clothing designer, musical artist, and has had the ability to fine-tune his athletic skills. He has been able to maintain a couple good-paying jobs, and all-the-while keeping his grades well above average. 

So proud of this kid. I'm going to enjoy every second I can with him this summer before our fall-time schedules start to fill up. 

Even though the fall is known around here as the busy busy time, there is so much to look forward to. 

New adventures in learning and getting back on (the fast) track. 

I am going to make an attempt at taking my own family photos this year! Wish me luck! I will post what I can. I'm sure some of them will turn out just fine, BUT you never can tell...

Just when you think they will hold that adorable smile...


God Bless to all and to all...may your summer be as unproductive as you wish!

PS. Happy Birthday to my lovely and dramatic husband!

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