Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Since when do nine year olds know EVERYTHING?

Kobe turned nine in September and came to the realization that he knows EVERYTHING!

He's always right and everyone else is wrong.

There is always a quick "no it's not!" response to my statements.

This is the pre-teen creeping into my sweet little boy...

...but, no matter how uncool Mom and Dad are at times...

...no matter how much more (he thinks) he knows than Mom and Dad...

...or how unfair and unkind (he thinks) Mom and Dad are....

...he is still our sweet little boy who needs his Mom and Dad.

We Love you so much Kobe Christopher Zere.

Mom and Dad also know that you love us too!


  1. yes, but we were like this too! remember?

  2. Hahaha yes, I do remember. I also remember saying that I would never be the uncool, unkind, unreasonable parent... little did I know that it was just Mom looking out for our best interests :)


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