Saturday, June 25, 2011

The blog is back!

I have been so frustrated by not being able to figure out our new computer. I thought that every time I downloaded pictures the computer would eat them because they were literally GONE!!! 
So with A LOT of patience I decided to tackle my ignorance. Guess what?? I found all my pictures! 

Yes, that is exactly why I haven't done a blog for over a month...

And of course there is SOOOOO much going on. I feel like I've missed too many blog posts so I have a lot to make up for.
As you all know we are preparing ourselves for the arrival of the baby (any day now). We had a friend over and the girls got A LOT of practice with baby C.J.

 Mia was a pro and I was so surprised by Lula's interest because she had been frequently reminding us that she isn't fond of babies. She is telling us now that she'll be helping to pick out her baby brother's clothes each day and will help a little with keeping him happy, but that's it...ha!

Actually the more that time passes she has been offering more services...

Kobe has been busy playing the rabble-rouser, pre-teen...
He has only been out of school for a week and we have seen such a difference in his attitude. Without the influences of his snarky side kicks, it feels like we are really getting our sweet, kind, amazing son back.

My amazing husband, my love, has been working so hard. I am so blessed to have him around as much as I do.We have made some real big strides in the success of our short and long term goals. I feel like we're really getting ourselves organized and on the true path of our existence...we're working so closely together and becoming the best team we can be!

We're also learning to enjoy every minute we have...

 This is me at 38 weeks and you wouldn't think that me now at 39.4 weeks could look much different...

but I do...I'm much bigger, swollen and miserable, grumpy, tired, and so overstretched in just a short week and a half. This is why I need prayers and good juju sent my way.
Please pray that this boy will come on time... :)


  1. First of all, that is not Kobe. Some teenager seems to have wandered into your family photos. I am thinking of you all the time. I will burn a little candle for your baby's speedy and safe arrival!

  2. awwww thanks Paula! Wow that reminds me of just the other day (almost 2 yrs ago) when I got your phone call, Zev had arrived and I lit our blessing-way candle...yes, Kobe is so big and growing...I miss you so much!


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