Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yay! Christmas day!

What a lovely day it's been! Happy Birthday Jesus!
Merry Christmas everyone!
We're so blessed!
I can't stop using the exclamation point!
I'm just so happy!

We had to send Kobe back to bed this morning...he always wakes up too early on Christmas. How can you blame him, he can't wait to start celebrating this amazing day...

...and he can't wait to dig into his gifts.

I love that the first gift he opened was a Christmas card from World Vision informing him that four chickens were purchased in each of our childrens' names. The chickens will be given to another family for Christmas.
It was a good way to keep our holiday in perspective right from the start.

I also love how my little boy was as excited about magic tricks and radio controlled cars as he was about skinny jeans and tweeny things...

My children's' happiness brings me great joy...

Mia asked, "are there any stores open today?"
"There may be one or two, but not many." I answered.
Then Mia said, "well, I feel bad for the people working. They can't celebrate the true meaning of Christmas...spending the day with your family!"

She's really such a thoughtful girl...

Kobe attempted to wake Lula when he first got up this morning by saying, "come on Lula it's Christmas...let's go..."
Lula yelled back, "NO IT'S NOT KOBE...
She's not a fan of being awakened before she's ready.
A little later... I went into Lula's room before heading downstairs, "Lula, Merry Christmas, let's go downstairs and celebrate!"
This time she just turned her back to me and plugged her ears...

About a minute and a half later she turned to me with a big smile on her face, jumped out of bed and said, "come on Maxx {the dog} we got you a gift!"

Jude had a great first Christmas!

He was quite interested in being right in the middle of everything. He's five and half months old and is sitting on his's so fun to see him explore his new toys.

I had fun "playing " with his gifts too!
He wasn't so excited about me squeezing him into this cute little suit that Mema and Vince bought him...

Merry Christmas!

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