Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Purging and Preparing...

I finally did it! I've been planning to do it for a while now.

I had the less than desirable, ever-so-dreaded, yard sale.

I will be the first to admit that...
 I could've been more prepared.
I would've planned it more thoroughly had I known.
I should've advertised better.

Oh well, It was really fun. My Mama came over for the morning and hung out. She made more money than all of us {way to go Mom!}
I won't post any pics of her because she was making crazy faces in all of them...AND she would kill me for it :)
I think the girls came in second for the most earnings with their lemonade stand:

{K} was helpful and pretty patient. He sold some stuff and handled the cashiering...

{J} was pretty difficult, we had to keep bringing him inside to Daddy...

He didn't last too long with all the excitement...

Even though my yard sale was not a financial success, I did however succeed in getting rid of a lot of stuff. Even though it didn't sell, it no longer has a home in my garage. It is as good as gone...

I want to start this school year off, fresh and de-cluttered. We aren't buying a lot of school supplies, instead I've taken an inventory of the stuff we already have and we will not add to the list unless absolutely necessary...

Speaking of school, it won't be long before we dive into our second year of homeschooling. I've learned so much in our first year and I have to remind myself to just keep going...
The real challenge has been keeping the baby busy while we are "in study".

I'd like share some ideas that I found:

Independent Activities for a one year old {while the big kids are "in study"} :

Make a textured book

A peekaboo tray from a shoebox lid

A tissue box filled with fabric squares

Pipe Cleaners and Containers


Tactile Exploration Cards

Ball Tube

Hope you find as much worth in these ideas as I do. Thanks to all you brilliant Mamas.

Oh and I found this and wanted to share it with y'all {hehe}

Have a blessed day!

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