Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grow it! {Potatoes}

We are going to plant potatoes in containers...
Want to try?

First: Get a potato {or two}
Second: Rinse it under water and let it sit around until it has sprung an
eye {or a shoot whatever you want to call it}

Third: Pull off all the eyes except for two good and strong ones
Fourth: Get a bucket, throw in the potato {eyes pointed upward}

Fifth: Throw some good soil {compost}on top...only filling the
bucket about half-way. Water.

Sixth: wait about a week {or a few days} until you start to see
the shoots poke through the soil. Cover the shoots again with more soil. Water.
You'll do this about three times until you fill the bucket just about to the top with soil. Don't forget to give them water...but not too much!

Seventh: Wait for the shoots again, only this time let them grow grow grow!

Eighth: When the plant gets big and starts to die, tip the bucket over and see how many potatoes you grew!

Let me know how you do!!

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