Sunday, November 24, 2013

Haphazard progression...

Yay! The blog is back!!
Yeah, last blog post was in March (I think).

As we near the end of 2013, I realize, I'm not sure how I made this far.
It's like when you're in deep thought while driving, then you wonder how you managed the last three miles without looking at the road.
I am somehow making progress into the new year. This year has been a real challenge for me. I have pushed myself to my limits. We decided to do some looooong-term planning and I somehow thought that being a full-time student, having a part-time job, and homeschooling the kiddos was all going to work out.
Every conversation I get into about my schedule, I get asked the same question, "How do you do all that?"
It has been really hard. Really really hard.

On the flip-side...
The semester is over in two and half weeks, my job lays me off for the winter months, and teaching my children is truly joyful anyways. 

I have somehow made it through the thick of it...

One of my biggest problems about being so busy and overwhelmed is that I became more sensitive than normal. I'm a VERY sensitive person to begin with, (I have cried rivers that threaten the Nile's record).
In normal situations, I would find ways to blame myself for things that didn't involve me, or I would read stories about major strugglers, suffering and repression...gahhh! I sure knew how to absolutely torture myself. 
Well, here we are, nearing the end of this crazy year. I am happy to say that I accomplished a lot of what I intended. Not everything went the way that I planned, but it is what it is and I'm not dwelling on it anymore. 
I have Thanksgiving off and we're planning to really enjoy the holiday season, together!

We are planning to fill the house with all the fruits of the spirit...
and the greatest of all these is...

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